Team Bio

Lisa Pineda, MSN, RN-BC, FNP, MSCP, Midi Clinician

Lisa is a master’s prepared women’s health nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner and public health leader with more than 23 years of experience. She received her Menopause Society Certified Practitioner certification in 2022. “Menopausal care was so different when I first started—we had limited treatment options and there was a lack of openness around this life stage in general,” she says. Since then, Lisa has witnessed an evolution: "Now we have so many prescriptive and non-prescriptive options–we just need to educate patients about everything available to them."

Lisa comes to Midi with extensive experience caring for cancer survivors with treatment-related gynecological issues. “Those patients need lots of discussion around issues like sexuality, intimacy, and body image,” she says. “That’s where I truly recognized the power of listening, compassion, and making patients feel heard. I use those skills with all my patients, and I’m constantly tweaking treatment based on risk factors, symptoms, and the patient’s comfort level with medications."

As a clinician and a woman in midlife herself, Lisa appreciates Midi’s holistic approach to care. "What drew me to Midi was the fact that we don’t push prescriptions. Medication can only take you so far—there has to be a discussion about the mind-body connection, sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle topics. Midi truly provides holistic, comprehensive care."

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