Team Bio

Lindsey VanSchoyck, NPC, Midi Clinician

A guide and an educator: “I’ve been a nurse since 2012, and a nurse practitioner since 2017. Prompted by my own journey overcoming an eating disorder in high school and college, I chose nursing to empower women in achieving optimal health. Later, I observed the challenges women in their 40s and 50s faced—physical changes and diminished well-being—so I shifted my focus to menopause and midlife care. My mission is to guide women through this transition, helping them understand and navigate what can be the best phase of their lives.”

Nutrition for hormonal harmony: “In addition to my nursing degree, I am a certified nutrition expert, precision nutrition practitioner, CrossFit Level 2 trainer, and gym owner. I'm dedicated to helping women improve their lives through nutrition and exercise. I have deep expertise in nutrition, blood sugar, cortisol management, and thyroid health. My goal is to help women improve their relationship with food, and recognize that the foods we consume significantly affect hormones, especially during the midlife transition.”

This is your prime time: “If you’ve been taught that you just have to cope with feeling bad, it’s a lie. Your life is just beginning. You are meant to thrive as you transition through menopause and into your postmenopausal years.”

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