Team Bio

Kelly Killian, MSN, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Her path to Midi: “My journey in medicine spans nine years, including the past five as a women’s health provider. I have extensive experience in gynecological oncology, treating women with ovarian and uterine cervical cancers. I came to Midi because our missions align in providing top-quality and evidence-based practice in menopause care."

From silence to solutions: “Caring for women in midlife is about changing the culture of silence around menopause symptoms. Our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters all deserve to be heard, seen, validated, and respected. Let us at Midi help undo decades of women being overlooked and provide the care options you deserve.”

Starting with honest conversations: “My care approach is led by providing a safe, non-judgmental environment that fosters candid discussions and shared decision-making with patients. For instance, among women 50 and above, there’s a common misconception that sexual activity is inherently uncomfortable and lacking enjoyment. Creating this safe space is the first step towards enhancing the quality of life for women, including the option to have comfortable and enjoyable sexual experiences if that’s a goal for them.”

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