Team Bio

Jana Spedaliere, MSN FNP-C, Midi Clinician

Her ER experience: “I started out in healthcare as a registered nurse in the emergency department, where a glaring gap in women's care fueled my passion. Early on, I noticed women seeking answers in the ER because traditional channels failed them. This sparked my mission to focus on women’s health as a Family Nurse Practitioner within an internal medicine practice, offering tangible solutions and resources.”

Passion first, and job second: “Joining Midi wasn’t about a new job; it was about joining a movement that resonated with my commitment to comprehensive women’s health. Our emphasis on improving the quality of life for women beyond the basics spoke to my values. Lifestyle modifications, supplements, and emotional support in addition to prescription solutions—it wasn’t just healthcare; it was a holistic approach.”

Strengthening women benefits all: “Caring for women in midlife is beyond satisfying. It’s downright incredible. These women are powerhouses, mothers, grandmothers, partners, achieving incredible feats. Strengthening women means strengthening families and societies. As a mom of three daughters, that belief guides my approach.”

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