Team Bio

Casey Norton MSN, AGPCNP-BC

A decade of dedication: “I’ve been practicing as a nurse practitioner in women’s health for about 10 years now. My passion for this field developed during my clinical rotations for my master's degree, when I noticed that women often feel undervalued and their concerns are often dismissed. It’s been incredibly rewarding to establish rapport with my patients, providing them with a space to discuss their issues openly and explore treatment options together.”Guided by research, tailored to you: “I love Midi's clinical approach to care, where everything is grounded in research-based standards. We are dedicated to providing women with effective, factual, and appropriate treatment options. Our care is tailored to the individual as we provide both hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options based on your health history, concerns, and goals.”Comfort plus solutions: “Caring for women during midlife is incredibly rewarding because it often involves solving a range of challenges. In addition to physical symptoms, one of the most common issues I've encountered is the sense of isolation that many women experience. Simply reassuring them that they are not alone and letting them know about available treatment options can be immensely helpful.”

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