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Midi is changing the lives of real women 40+

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“Midi gave me the right advice and medications—I’ve lost 25 pounds!”

-E.K., 47 years
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“The Midi team was genuinely interested in my entire history, my progress, and my outcomes. I’m finally on the right track. Thank you, thank you!!”

- C.C., 52
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“I came to Midi because I experienced unexplained weight gain. Running marathons, eating keto—none of it was working. I went to multiple providers and couldn’t get answers, but my Midi clinician was able to identify a hormone imbalance. She put me on a regimen of holistic care and now I’m 10 pounds lighter, I’m running, I have energy again.”

- J.W., 45
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“Midlife for me meant weight up, energy down, and foggy brain due to less sleep. Midi helped me take a closer look at my health and re-balance my hormones, giving me just the support I needed. I am back to my ‘regular’ clothes with more energy and a sharper wit!”

C.W., 55
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Powerful, personalized treatment

Your clinician will work with you to address your weight in the context of your hormonal health, and you’ll follow up with one of our specialists if your weight management Care Plan includes prescription medications.
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Midi taps into a range of solutions to support your healthy weight goals:

Hormones: HRT, to improve bothersome symptoms associated with weight gain
Weight loss medications: GLP-1’s: Semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic), Tirzepatide (Mounjaro); naltrexone/bupropion HCL (Contrave), metformin
Supplements + Botanicals: Fiber, probiotics
Lifestyle: Personalized eating and activity recommendations, sleep optimization, prediabetes counseling

The hormone-weight connection

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, estrogen is our ally: It supports fat and glucose metabolism, curbs appetite, and can help us hold on to lean muscle mass. So when estrogen drops dramatically during the menopause transition, we may put on pounds without any diet changes, feel hungrier, lose muscle, and gain fat (especially around the middle).

Meet Midi's clinical leaders

Our protocols are defined by our Midi medical advisors, doctors with decades of experience in women’s midlife health.

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Designed by top-tier specialists

Our protocols are crafted by doctors with decades of experience in women’s midlife health, and delivered by trained and certified clinicians.

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Deeply personalized

We listen to your experience and work closely with you to build a Care Plan that fits your medical history, genetics, and approach to health.

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Flexible and proactive

Your body is always changing. We adjust your plan in response, fine-tuning your treatment to provide meaningful, lasting relief.

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DR. Kathleen Jordan
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Clinical Professor, Department of Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Sciences at UCSF and Midi Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Heather Hirsch headshot
Dr. Heather HIRSCH
Chief of clinical quality at midi health
DR. Sheila Bouldin headshot
DR. sheila bouldin
professor of OB/GYN and director of the Women’s Health Division at the University of Mississippi Medical Center
DR. Pauline Maki headshot
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and OB/GYN at University of Illinois Chicago
TORI HUDSON, N.d. headshot
professor and former medical director at national university of natural medicine
Dr. Lauren Greenberg headshot
Dr. Lauren Greenberg
board-certified plastic surgeon
Dr. Lauren Greenberg headshot
Dr. Don Dizon
Director of Medical Oncology at Rhode Island Hospital
Dr. Lauren Greenberg headshot
Dr. Robert Aptekar
President, Integrative Women’s Care
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Cheri Barzottini, NP

Convenient care
from anywhere

We’re completely virtual, which means you don’t have to leave the comfort of home or wait hours at an office to speak with a Midi clinician. Expert help is just a video call away.

Hormone levels: FSH, E2, AMH, testosterone free and total
Vitamin & mineral tests: Ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12

Listen, test, treat

You want answers, and so do we. We take the time to listen to your weight concerns and medical history, then we send you to a local lab for testing that informs your personalized Care Plan.

Dr. Kathleen Jordan
Follow-up visit

Discuss how your plan is going

Experts that lead with empathy

Not only are our clinicians trained in menopause and perimenopause, but many of them are also going through it just like you are. Midi will work with you (and partner with your other doctors) to get your weight back on track.

All the follow-up care you need

Midi's experts stick with you. Your clinician will check in regularly to adjust medications, offer helpful lifestyle tips, and track your progress toward your goals.

Designed to be better in every way

What we treat
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All clinicians trained in midlife care

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Protocols designed by experts in hormonal change

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Integrative approach to medicine

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Care coordinator assigned to every patient

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Prescribed treatments mailed to your door

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24/7 access to guidance & support

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Flexible follow-ups & adjustments, until you feel better

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Transparent pricing

Our care coordinators help you get maximum coverage from your insurance. If you're uninsured or Midi care is out of network under your plan, we also offer cash payment for services.

Service offering

With Insurance


Initial visit

The Midi Essential Visit gives you ample time for an in-depth conversation.

Only pay standard co-pay and deductible


Continued care visits

Follow up visits fine-tune your Care Plan and safeguard your future health.

Only pay standard co-pay and deductible

$120 - $250

depending on visit length and care complexity

Care coordination

Have questions about insurance, scheduling, anything? We’re here for you. Call or email us and we’ll jump in to help.



Frequently asked questions

Why does maintaining a healthy weight matter in midlife?

Carrying significant extra weight can contribute to your risk of cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease, type-2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. Midlife is when most of these problems arise in women, but it’s also a great time to take steps to stay healthy now and into the future. Weight management can be one of those important steps.

What are the most effective lifestyle changes I can make to maintain a healthy weight?

 Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to combat midlife weight gain. Your options fall into three categories:
- Get quality sleep. Why does this matter? Consistently poor sleep leaves you exhausted, which makes it harder to be physically active. Inadequate rest may also disrupt normal levels of appetite hormones that regulate hunger and satisfaction, and drive cravings for foods high in fat and carbs.
- Move your body, every day.
Not only does exercise help counter weight gain and fat accumulation, it can also improve sleep, mood, and blood sugar metabolism. Strength training is particularly important for building lean muscle mass.
- Eat nourishing foods.
Eating is individual, but almost everyone can benefit from a diet rich in minimally processed plant foods, getting plenty of fiber and protein, and choosing complex carbohydrates over simple carbs. Timed eating (aka intermittent fasting) may help women at midlife as well.

What do weight loss medications do?

Weight medications may be used to suppress appetite, control cravings, and/or stabilize blood sugar levels.

Are there any risks associated with weight loss medications?

All medications carry risks, and these are no exception. If you are a candidate for any weight loss medication, a Midi weight specialist will review all the benefits, potential risks , and possible side effects, so you have all the facts you need to decide on a Care Plan.

Will my insurance cover weight loss medication?

Coverage varies depending on your insurance plan and if you medically qualify for a specific medication. Midi partners with you and your pharmacy to get your medications covered whenever possible.