Meet Midi. Brought to you by Keck Medicine of USC.

Midi is a virtual care clinic created by specialists in menopause and perimenopause.

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What we treat

We connect the dots to guide you towards safe, effective solutions. Because so often, it's not you—it's your hormones.

Hot flashes 
+ night sweats
Trouble sleeping
Painful sex, vaginal dryness + libido change
Weight + body changes
Brain fog 
+ memory lapses
Moodiness, anxiety + depression
Period problems
Hair + skin changes
Joint pain, bone loss + fracture risk
Breast + gynecological cancer effects
Preventative care
A phone with a Midi clinician having a video call

Convenient care, from an expert

At your virtual visit, discuss your symptoms and health. history in depth with a clinician trained in perimenopause and menopause.


Holistic treatment as unique as you are

Get the right solutions for you, whether that's hormone replacement therapy, or non-hormonal options.

A woman sitting on the couch with a laptop
A woman on the couch with a lap top

Follow-ups and continued care, all in one place

We'll adjust your treatment, keep you on track with preventive care, and partner with your other doctors as needed.