Team Bio

Lex Londino, MSN MSPH CNM NP, Midi Clinician

Bridging care gaps with Midi: “Beginning as a doula, I’ve worked in diverse healthcare roles including midwifery and nursing. While I was initially drawn to aiding in pregnancy and postpartum care, I have worked in all fields of sexual and reproductive health, and my current  focus on perimenopause and menopause stems from recognizing how often healthcare overlooks and misunderstands these areas. I’m excited to provide holistic, individualized care at Midi.”

Empathy from experience: “I’ve been through perimenopause and menopause myself, and I bring that personal experience to the care that I offer. I struggled with severe hot flashes, which came on strong, frequently, and out of the blue. I’m excited to pass along empathy, experience, and solutions to others who may need them.”

You’re an expert in you: “If there was one thing I could tell people approaching or in the midst of the menopause transition, it would be to trust and listen to your body. I believe that you are the expert when it comes to your body and that you deserve someone who is willing to listen to your concerns and questions, and respond with respect and compassion.”

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