Team Bio

Jessica Chrisman, FNP-C, Midi Clinician

Jessica is passionate about helping women understand their hormones. “Whether they’re going through their fertile years or in the menopause transition, I want women to feel like they have the energy to face the world,” she says, “and hormones have so much to do with that.”

Beyond straightforward fatigue, Midi patients come to her with “brain fog, hot flashes, mood disorders, and so much more. Often they’ve gone undiagnosed for a year or more, so connecting the dots for them and getting them the help they need is so fulfilling.”

Jessica takes a holistic approach to care, asking patients about their lifestyle, stress levels, sleep, and support systems. Hormone replacement therapy is just one of many treatment options. “The fear factor around HRT is real,” she acknowledges. “But explaining that the data is outdated can be very helpful. Whatever treatment approach my patients choose, the most important thing is that they know there are safe and effective solutions out there for them.”

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