Team Bio

Jennifer Lanoff, WHNP-BC, MSN, RN, JD, Midi Clinician

Nursing is Jennifer’s second career—previously, she spent 22 years as a public defender. “I worked on a case involving juvenile prison conditions, and found myself interacting with lots of adolescent girls in the system,” she says. “They had so many questions about their reproductive health, and I gave them all the answers I could. I just loved educating these girls, and that got me thinking about pursuing medicine.”

As she advanced through her women’s health nurse practitioner program, “my friends were telling me about gynecological issues their doctors weren’t addressing,” she remembers. So Jen was thrilled to do a rotation with James Simon, MD, a renowned specialist in women’s sexual health and hormonal care.

She uses what she learned every day at Midi.  “Troubleshooting hormones is so interesting. Everyone responds differently to treatment. There is a path for everyone, but not always the first that you try.

“Painful sex is one of the most gratifying treatment paths, because you can make such an improvement, so quickly,” she says. “And making hot flashes go away—we can do that!”

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