Team Bio

Jenna H. Starko, MSN WHNP- BC, Midi Clinician

Midlife care for cancer survivors: “My 10 years of experience as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner began with five years in OB GYN, followed by another five years in gynecological oncology and surgical oncology, where I supported women through the challenging journey of diagnosis, surgery, and treatment. I fell in love with that care—witnessing survivors thriving—which led me to run a survivorship program in Houston.”

Innovative solutions: “At Midi, I’m excited to focus on cancer survivorship, especially for those who’ve been told they can't pursue traditional hormone therapy. We’re here to think creatively and find safe, effective ways to help these women. It’s about going beyond the norm and making a real difference.”

The midlife care that all women deserve: “The most rewarding aspect of caring for women in menopause is that it's a universal journey. We’re part of an exciting era of research and knowledge that seeks to enhance the quality of life for all women. We need to normalize the symptoms and assure women they’re heard, valued, and that we’re here to provide the best possible care so they can savor life to the fullest.”

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