Team Bio

Ashley Woodcock, CRNP, Midi Clinician

When Ashley cares for her midlife patients, she draws on a challenging period in her own health history. “I’m a cancer survivor,” she says. “I was diagnosed at 29, and had a bilateral mastectomy. Treatment left me with low progesterone, night sweats, adrenal fatigue, and terrible trouble sleeping. So I can relate to my patients in menopause. I know what it feels like to have issues with your hormones and I know that you can’t be your best self when you’re feeling poorly.” 

The empathy she feels makes her a better clinician. “My patients say they appreciate me because I listen and give them my full, undivided attention.” Solutions come out of that attention, whether she’s helping them improve hot flashes, moodiness, or a specialty focus: weight and body changes.  

When she’s not seeing patients for Midi in Alabama, Ashley is focused on being a mom. “I had my miracle baby at 37!”

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