Team Bio

Amber Ensley, RN, MSN, CNM, Midi Clinician

Amber has nearly ten years of experience providing hormonal care to women and helping other clinicians do the same. “When word got out to patients that I was willing to listen, that I would never tell them they were crazy, and that together we could improve their symptoms—they were thrilled,” she says. “So I took my knowledge and taught other providers. Because menopause is a blank spot in our education, even at top schools like the one where I got my degree.”

Why did she come to Midi? “Because of our focus on access to care,” Amber says. “I’ve worked with many under-resourced populations and telemedicine removes lots of barriers to care for them. It’s a radical improvement for a patient who feels forgotten by the medical community.”

Along with seeing Midi patients, Amber is completing a mental health doctoral program. “I am excited to bring together my understanding of psychiatry, reproductive, and hormonal health care, because these parts of medicine can influence and contribute to each other.”

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